International Trade & Banking Institute


    Mission Statement

Robert M. ParsonInternational Trade and Banking Institute’s (ITBI) mission is to provide international trade practitioners with practical information that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

The management and faculty of ITBI are closely associated with L/C Monitor, a monthly legal financial journal covering practical aspects of payment instruments in international trade. L/C Monitor subscribers include ABN AMRO Bank, American Express Bank, Bank Austria, Canadian Wheat Board, Credit Agricole Indosuez, Mashreq Bank, The Bank of New York, Royal Bank of Canada, SGS, UBS and other banks and trading companies around the world.

ITBI draws on the day to day experience of its faculty in providing a complimentary Trade Guide, Courses, and Seminars over the Internet. ITBI offers an extensive bibliography of resources on documentary credits, standby letters of credit, documentary collections and prides itself in being the most comprehensive international e-commerce hub on the net. ITBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of CCEWeb Corp.

Robert M. Parson
Program Director